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Alexis Senior Session Part 2

Alexis took me on a mini road trip for her second session. They live in a breathtaking area and there are so many different places to take amazing pictures. The fall leaves were beautiful and colorful and the sun was in just the right spot in the sky for gorgeous light. The first place we stopped was a mini waterfall and creek. Then we hopped over to a wooden fence on a gravel road. Next we went to a gorgeous golden field with pretty pines and a lake. The next stop was a concrete bridge over a creek with a huge tree with bright yellow leaves. The last place we went was an old building with the perfect golden sunset behind it. It was so hard to cull these pictures because I wanted to keep them all. It doesn't matter where you put Alexis she can pull of a picture and she natural modelling ability. It is always so exciting to photograph someone that naturally know how to move and give different faces.

Not only is this girl talented when it comes to pictures, but she is also a very talented artist. She is truly a beautiful person in every aspect. I hope that I will get the chance to work with her in the future. Until then, good luck choosing your college and I know that you will go far in anything you choose to do.

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