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About Me

Hi! I'm Callie and I'm obsessed with Shark Tank, Starbucks and everything leggings! When I'm not hanging out at the gym I spend my days chasing my four year old daughter around. With her, my four furbabies (2 Boxers and 2 cats), my husband and days can get a little crazy and I love every minute of it. My husband has always had jobs that caused him to travel a lot. So pictures have been very important in helping him keep up with what goes on while he is away. Photography is my passion and it is my mission to help my clients preserve their memories. Being a wife and mother, I know how important it is that your pictures be as perfect as possible and showcase who your family truly is. I look back over the years that I didn't have any professional pictures made and there is so much missing. Life gets so crazy, money becomes low and pictures are the last thing I would think about. I regret that so much now and I don't want my clients to experience the same thing. Whether it's with me or someone else, just find a way to make it happen. You never know when you've taken your last picture with someone you love. Make sure your loved ones have recent pictures and that you capture all of those important moments. If you need to get in touch with me there are many ways to do it. You can email, call, text, Facebook message...whatever works best for you.



Call/Text: (304)923-4954



Me and my mini me
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