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You should be able to find almost anything you need to know here. :)

What types of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and cards. I can swipe your card directly. You can send me your card information via text/email/phone or I can send an invoice to your email and you can input your information. Whatever works best for you. I will accept checks, but your date is not held and no product will be delivered until the check clears the bank.

Can I Make Payments?

Yes, but your session date and time is not held until the full session fee has been paid. Payment plans differ for each type of session. * You can make payments in any amount as often as you would like with all payment plans, as long as I have your deposit and the remaining amount is paid in full by the due date. No product is ordered or delivered until paid in full. A payment contract must be also be signed.*

*I know that a limited budget can often make things difficult. Contact me to customize a payment plan to fit your needs.*

Do You Require A Deposit?

What I require is a booking fee. This is solely to secure your date/time and pays for my time at your session. It also protects me from no shows and cancellations. The booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. However, I know things come up and I will do my best to work with you if needed. No product is included with the booking fee.

Do You do session packages?

Absolutely! If you plan to book more than one session (Example: Newborn, 6 month and one year), I can give you a bundled discount. The session fee and payment plan may be different. Contact me for questions about bundling sessions.

Do you offer images on disc/USB?

I do offer a USB that you can add on to your session package for an extra charge. I do not offer discs.

Digital Downloads

You will receive the digital download of any photo you purchase a print of. Digital downloads are available to purchase for an extra charge. The digital download you will receive will be a high resolution jpeg suitable for printing, along with a print release.

Birth Photography

Birth photography has become very popular the last few years. Being a mother myself, I understand what a whirlwind that day can be. I am sensitive to your needs and we will discuss in depth how you envision the day going.

How long will you be there? - My time starts when I arrive at the facility and ends 1-2 hours after delivery. The session fee includes up to 8 hours. Additional hours can be added for $40 an hour. If the labor and delivery process goes particularly long, I reserve the right to end services after 10 hours.

When do I contact you? - Get a hold of me as soon as you think you are in labor. That way I can start getting ready to be there. Once you are 5-6 cm, contact me again so I can be on my way. It also helps if you check in after doctor appointments to let me know how things are going and if there will be any changes to what we discussed.

What if you can't make it? - I will be on call on the week before your due date and a week after your due date. If you have a very quick labor and delivery, I will get there as soon as I can and still take as many pictures as I can. If I can't make it for a personal reason, I will refund your session fee.

Does anywhere NOT allow birth photography? - Every hospital/facility is different when it comes to their policies on photography. It is your responsibility to verify that I can be there to photograph the birth and what (if any) limitations there will be. I will be limited to their policies and no refund is given if you fail to verify their pol.

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