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Tree Farm Mini's

These Tree Farm Mini's were probably some of my favorite sessions of the year. It started out with snow. By the time it was over there was no more snow, but there was a gorgeous golden sunset.

The first family up was these gorgeous newlyweds and their fur baby. Miss Taryn is one of my daughter's cheer coach's and we love her!

Next up was Miss Rachel and her little family. She owns the dance studio that my daughter goes to. Emelyn has so much sass and personality. Which is why her and my girl get along so well.

Third was this super cute brother and sister. They had so much fun running through the trees and playing. Aren't they adorable?!

I had so much fun watching this brother and sister. They seem to have such a great relationship and both have such personality. Side note: Isn't their mama beautiful?!

Miss Faren and her beautiful family was next. She is my daughter's other cheer coach and we love her too! I love the interaction of their family. You have to love a boy and his guitar! Aren't they all so sweet?

Last, but certainly not least....Angie and her family! You guys, these kids had me cracking up. They were both so sweet and did so good, but dang it...sometimes you just don't want to take a picture with your sister. Oh my gosh they were so adorable!

I already can't wait for next year's Christmas Mini's!

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