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Winter Maternity Session

I had the great honor of capturing Ashley's maternity photos last month. When I was first contacted about doing them, I was told she wanted snow and already had the dress and props she wanted to use. I love it when the client knows exactly what they want, but it definitely puts the pressure on to make sure I deliver what they have imagined.

The first date we scheduled the session for, we ended up having to reschedule. Checking the weather the night before told us that it was going to rain all day and all the snow had already melted. Instead of beautiful snowy photos, it would have been a rainy and muddy mess. We rescheduled for the next weekend and kept our fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain again.

We got really lucky with the second date and things ended up working out perfectly. The day before the session it starting pouring the snow. There wasn't a bunch, but there was enough to mostly cover the ground. We had scheduled the session for the afternoon. In order to catch the snow before it melted we changed the time to in the morning. It was super cold and Ashley was wearing a thin maternity gown with the front that opens. Her and the daddy to be toughed it out like champs.

We shot at a couple of different areas at Barkcamp State Park. The frozen lake was in the background of many photos, as well as the barn and wishing well. When we moved to the bridge the sun came out for us and gave those pictures a little extra pop. Some of the pictures from this session have made my all time favorite pictures list. The absolute best part was watching Ashley go through her proof prints and see how excited she was about the pictures. So thankful to be able to make memories that she will cherish!

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