Lifestyle or Posed

When people think about paying a photographer to have pictures done, they typically think about posed pictures with everyone fake smiling at the camera. I don't know about you, but when I see a picture that I absolutely LOVE and that really catches my attention, it isn't a posed picture. Instead, it's a picture that captures the personality of the person being photographed or a picture with raw emotion. This is the difference between posed and lifestyle pictures.

Someone might look at a posed picture and think, "That's a good picture" and then go on about their business. That picture doesn't reach out and grab them. It doesn't make them feel any kind of strong emotion. A lifestyle picture can often make someone stop and think, "Wow, that is amazing!" and possibly even make them feel what the subject is feeling. I think when you look back at pictures of your friends and loved ones they should help you remember a moment. If your pictures were done in a studio and were all just the photographer telling you how to sit and stand, then when you look back on those pictures that is what you will remember. If instead your pictures were taken while you were fishing with your family or having a tickle fight, then that is what you will remember when you look back on them. Which experience would you rather have?

I have known the Miller family for years. Brittany and I were actually pregnant at the same time and had the same due date, but her little girl decided to come early. So, I was so excited when she asked me to do family pictures for them and even more excited when she said she didn't want really posed pictures. The session itself was great a