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Kollen Drake's Arrival

Kollen Drake made his arrival on January 17, 2018. This precious baby has been his mommy's world from day one and loved more than he could ever imagine. He has a huge circle of family and friends that would do anything for him and I am blessed to not only be the one to photograph him, but to also be part of that circle.

This handsome boy already loves the camera. Most newborns will sleep during their session, but not him. As long as the camera was up and the flash was going off he was pretty content. We only had to take a small break for him to have a snack. Kollen loves to be snuggled up. For that reason we did the majority of his poses fully wrapped and they turned out amazing. Blue is definitely his color and that wrap was my favorite on him. Kollen's mom, Rebecca, does animal rescue. So, of course, it was only fitting that we get a picture of him in a cute puppy dog outfit too. A few of my favorites from his session are below.

I look forward to being able to watch this little boy grow up and I wish we were still living close enough that we could visit more often. He is going to be a great little man.

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