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Hotel Boudoir Session

I don't know about all of you, but the end of the year is such a busy time! Still, I wanted to take a moment and tell you about an amazing session I got to do in October. This client reached out to me about doing a boudoir session as a birthday gift to her boyfriend. I do not currently have an indoor studio since most of my work is done outdoors. So we set up a gorgeous hotel room. I went to a few different hotels before I found the perfect one. This room had a full kitchen, a living room with a sectional couch, a big queen size bed, and a huge shower. The most important thing about shooting in a hotel is lighting. Hotel lighting is notorious for being horrible and the best pictures look like natural lighting. This particular hotel room had amazing white sheer curtains. This allowed us to keep the heavy curtains open and use only the sheer ones to cover the window, which let tons of beautiful natural light come into the room. There is a video tour of the room on the Facebook page if you want to check it out.

It is so important for women to feel beautiful and be confident. Boudoir pictures are such a great way to show women how amazing they really are, that's why boudoir is my favorite. When my client arrived at the room she was nervous, as are most people when they first do this type of session. We had gone over the session extensively in the weeks before through email so we were both prepared. I quickly went over her outfits, let her know how the session would flow and got ready to start the pictures. As we got going she really loosened up and was up for basically anything I wanted to try. She completely trusted my judgement about outfits, poses and editing. We actually ended up going over our scheduled amount of time because I just couldn't stop shooting. Haha...

From the very first one I edited, I loved her pictures! They are absolutely beautiful and I am so thankful that she has allowed me to use some of them. She looks confident and sexy. Her photos are some of my favorites. My hope is that more women take the leap and try out a boudoir session. It's amazing to see how it changes the way women look and feel about themselves. This kind of session is a great gift to a significant other, but it's an even better gift to yourself.

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